“Experience the CPAF Journey”

The Center for the Pacific Asian Family is a non-profit organization that brings awareness to Asian and Pacific Islander communities about domestic violence. Most victims are women, oftentimes helpless immigrants with children. This organization asked me to create an experiential installation that would educate and engage donors attending their annual gala event on September 21, 2018. Up to 400 donors were in attendance.

In this installation, I created a living room scene, often the setting for these acts of domestic violence. In this scene, bloodied tissues are scattered among visual diary entries by the subject, represented by my sketches. There is evidence of alcohol consumption, a warning sign amidst the violent chaos. Toys are strewn about. Family photos, which are photographs from my Korean-American-themed photo series, Dirty Laundry, are placed in front of the TV as it plays PSAs created by the organization. Many real-life survivors have responded to these PSAs directly.

The thematic element of this installation is depicted in two colors: red and orange. These are colors of violence and emergency and push toward the viewer who is encouraged to walk through and interact with the space. My goal was to evoke a strong feeling of some kind within the viewer and to bring attention to this very distressing reality.

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