Hysteria: Artist Statement

In the photography series, Hysteria, the male figure is never present. He is felt and suggested, but ultimately he is absent from each scene. The female character dominates the space as she attempts to fulfill some sort of overly-feminized role as is constructed by Western society. She transforms from the doting mother and the domesticated but hypersexualized housewife to a smiling, but grieving, empty shell. Once she no longer finds value in her role, she is lost.

Hysteria seeks to question and analyze how our identities are heavily shaped by such gender schema. What happens when the rug is pulled from beneath us? Using characters inspired by women who I have actually encountered, quotations from 1950s advertisements, and the aesthetic influence of the classic pink Barbie doll, these characters exhibit a crack in their plastic veneer. It seems that they have helplessly fallen into the trap of embodying the female stereotype, but ultimately it is their choice to climb above it.

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