Mandala: Artist Statement

The mandala, Sanskrit for “circle,” is a cosmic diagram and symbol representing the universe. Traditionally, it has been used in Hindu and Buddhist spiritual practices to obtain a meditative and trance-like state.

The digital collages of my eponymous project utilize a similar format to that of traditional Tibetan archetypes: each basic form contains a series of concentric circles and squares that meet four gates containing a central point. Their symmetry is formed by patterned images that create larger patterns and shapes. The difference in my interpretation of the mandala, however, is merely in the tool that is used: each piece of the mandala is a digital photograph that pertains to its particular “universe.” Behind the mandala lies a larger landscape that thematically binds its universe together. Mandala seeks to find unity in the grotesque and the beautiful; in that unity, all are one and the same.

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