This Is Where We Grew Up: Artist Statement

The paper crane, according to Japanese, Chinese, and Korean folklore, is a symbol of longevity, happiness, and peace. I was drawn to begin folding them when my grandmother was ill, and though it was a simple but repetitive task to fold hundreds of them, the monotony of the process offered me moments of meditation and inner peace.

In This Is Where We Grew Up, the paper cranes are digitally collaged onto mundane suburban landscapes that are reminiscent of my childhood home. Each photograph is a scene in which the paper cranes are the characters. Although they lack movement, their nearly-fantastical presence, anthropomorphized by a tilt of the head or a longing gaze, gives the barren settings life. The delicate and brittle beauty of the paper cranes stands in stark contrast to the bleak surroundings, representing a glimmer of the sublime in a place where there should be none.

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